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Make delicious bubble milk tea

About Us

you could not only find bubble tea related materials,

but also full knowledge regarding opening of a tea shop in any foreign country.

We have a professional consultant team, from operation,

brand design, space arrangement, training, equipment setting and material exporting which enable Yiouyi to be the most reliable partner for all our customers.


Though our serve we’ll fulfill your dream.


YIOUYI International Co., Ltd was founded in 2017, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.Sourcining high quility raw beverage material is only part of what we do.Our team has been dedicated to the bubble milk tea industry for 30 years,serving wide range of customers from local Taiwan to the globe to assist anyone who likes to operate his/ her milk tea business.

We cut theough the stats and the trends, giving customers the insight they need to plan for long term success.

Yiouyi logo
Taiwan 101

Core Value

Stand on the top of Taipei 101, supply products and services with the highest standards.

Our Services

We provide services from brand design to research and develop the process for dear customers. From nothing to anything, YIOUYI will always assist you.

Make delicious drinks
Freshly selected tea leaves

Raw Material Supply

Choose the highest quality and top safety tea, tapioca pearl, flavor powder, syrup, popping boba to equipment, and tool essentials products from the market.

“The right temperature brings out the best taste of tea;

the best service brings out more connections between people.”

A wide variety of beverage raw materials with rich and diverse tastes

 Continue to proactively explore new products that

 have strong growth potential in the market.


Training Program

- Design and customize beverages recipe according to learners’ inquiries.

- Provide professional online training courses with flexible schedules and free limitations locations.

yiouyi export container
Yiouyi Export Container Warehouse

Logistics Distribution

- Have tons of exporting experiences of supplying from local Taiwan chains to the global tea houses.

- Cooperate with freight companies and assist customers to deliver the high quilty products to their hands no matter where they are.

Delicious bubblel milk tea

Consulting Management

Whether customers are a tea house, tea warehouse, or restaurant-

an established multiple or up & coming independent-

We can help customers make the most of their business with our expertise in the industry.

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